Model based systems and model based definition are specialist areas for Morson Projects’ marine team.

How we can help

From large ships to smaller special service craft, our team of naval architects and designers are able to support clients with their projects, ensuring compliant, numerically-robust and smooth 3D hull forms. 3D hull modelling and fairing forms part of our marine engineering services.

We are able to provide an environment ensuring client confidentiality and, where required, can provide separate offices and stand-alone secure computer networks.

Our experience and expertise

Morson Projects has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the civil and military aircraft industry, where accuracy and quality of work are essential. We are approved to generate design data which consists of service bulletins, supplementary type certificates, and minor changes and repairs for small and large aircraft (Part 23 and 25).

Our approach hinges on the adoption of cutting-edge techniques centred around model based systems and model based definition.

  • We employ state-of-the-art hull modelling tools, ensuring seamless integration with our client’s internal design team. This integration spans from elementary surface modelling to intricate and comprehensive solid modelling outputs.
  • By using these advanced methodologies, we cultivate a collaborative environment where every detail is meticulously crafted and communicated. This streamlines the design process and facilitates clearer understanding and implementation of design specifications.

Find out more

Find out more about our capabilities in the specialist area of model based systems and model based definition below or call our experts on 0161 707 1516 or email us here.