At Morson Projects, our hydrographic survey and mapping team can determine the feasibility of projects in or around water. From major offshore constructions to analysing flood risks and ensuring environmental compliance, we make projects conceptually and physically achievable.

How can we help

Our hydrographic surveys extend beyond the norm, ensuring a comprehensive analysis for habitat mapping, dam removals, cable route mapping, water quality studies, waterfront facility inspections, flood inundation, scour and stabilisation and environmental spills.

Our team

Our skilled professionals bring unparalleled expertise to every project, redefining the possibilities of hydrographic survey and mapping. Morson Projects is committed to delivering excellence in hydrographic survey and mapping, ensuring precision and reliability in every endeavour.


Discover the advantages of choosing Morson Projects for your hydrographic survey needs – from accurate data collection to in-depth analysis, our services provide invaluable insights, enhancing the overall success and sustainability of your projects.

Our services

  • Mobile and Stationary 3D LiDAR/Laser Scanning: leverage the latest in LiDAR technology for unmatched scanning accuracy
  • Beach Landing (and Diver Swim): ensure versatility in reaching even challenging coastal areas
  • Reality Capture: we employ cutting-edge technology to capture real-world data accurately
  • Side Scan Sonar, Magnetometer and Sub-Bottom: uncover hidden details beneath the surface for a comprehensive understanding
  • Multibeam Bathymetry: dive deep into precise underwater mapping for informed decision-making
  • Current Monitoring Studies: stay ahead with real-time data on water currents for enhanced project planning
  • Small Unmanned Surface Vessels (SUSV): navigate waters efficiently with our advanced unmanned vessels
  • Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS): harness the power of aerial surveys for a holistic view

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If you are interested in exploring the possibilities in hydrographic survey and mapping with Morson Projects, please contact our experts on 0161 7071516 or email us here.