Detail ship design is the final design of a vessel ready for yard, which is achieved after the basic ship design (preliminary and functional) is finalised and agreed.

How we can help

On receipt of a client brief, Morson Projects will develop the basic design, including development of a general arrangement, 3D surface model, weight estimation, stability, powering and propulsion etc. Maintaining a close relationship with our client, the iterations of the design are progressed until all stakeholder requirements are acceptable.

Detail ship design happens once the basic design is finalised and agreed, meaning the construction information (required for class approval and fabrication) can be produced. During this phase, a detailed solid model of the finalised design is produced, along with the fabrication information & CNC cutting files. Often, larger build yards want to undertake this phase directly – in this case our role is liaison and oversight to ensure design intent is maintained and the client’s interests are protected.

Our experience and expertise

Our basic and detail ship design service includes:

  • 3D hull and stability modelling – creating comprehensive digital representations of a vessel’s structure and its stability characteristics. This process enables engineers to analyse the ship’s behaviour under various conditions, ensuring its safety and efficiency.
  • Damage stability analysis – assessing a ship’s ability to remain stable and afloat in the event of damage to its structure. This crucial aspect of detail ship design helps designers implement measures to enhance a vessel’s resilience against potential hazards at sea.
  • Full liaison with class and governmental agencies – essential during detail ship design to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. Collaborating closely with these entities facilitates the approval process and ensures that the vessel meets all necessary requirements for operation.
  • Intact stability analysis – evaluating a ship’s stability in its undamaged condition. By examining factors such as weight distribution and buoyancy, engineers can optimise the vessel’s design to achieve optimal stability performance while maintaining operational efficiency.
  • As the owners’ representative, our experts oversee detail ship design projects on behalf of the ship’s owners, ensuring that their interests and requirements are met throughout the process. This role involves coordinating between various stakeholders to achieve the desired outcome efficiently.
  • Production of stability books and documents – compiling comprehensive records detailing a ship’s stability characteristics and operational limitations. These documents serve as valuable references for crew members and authorities, enhancing safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Specialist stability analysis – including launching, grounding and drydocking assessments, focusing on evaluating a ship’s stability during critical phases of its lifecycle. By conducting detailed analyses in these areas, engineers can mitigate risks and ensure safe and efficient operations throughout the vessel’s lifespan.

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