Electrical avionic design is a complex area that Morson Projects specialise in as a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved Part 21 Design Organisation.

How we can help

Operating from our offices at Hawarden Airport (Chester), Manchester, and the South West of England, our professional Electrical Avionic Designers and Compliance Verification Engineers (CVEs) deliver services in electrical avionic design, development and testing of flight deck and mission systems. Our electrical avionic design is part of our aerospace and defence engineering services.

Our experience and expertise

Morson Projects has a considerable range of experience in the civil and military aircraft industry, where accuracy and quality of work are essential. We are approved to generate design data which consists of service bulletins, supplementary type certificates, and minor changes and repairs for small and large aircraft (Part 23 and 25).

Our electrical avionic design capabilities include:

  • Electrical avionic design, development and certification – skilled in crafting electrical avionic design for aircraft systems, overseeing their development and ensuring their certification for airworthiness.
  • Cabin and IFE services system design, development and certification – proficient in formulating electrical avionic design tailored for cabin and in-flight entertainment (IFE) services, managing their development and securing their certification.
  • Define aircraft upgrade strategy for design and certification tasks to meet mandates – expertise in strategising upgrades for aircraft systems to align with regulatory mandates and certification requirements.
  • Experienced in defining and demonstrating compliance with airworthiness requirements – well-versed in delineating and proving adherence to airworthiness standards.
  • Generate certification documentation including certification plans, system descriptions, ground and flight test schedules and compliance reports – capable of producing comprehensive certification documentation encompassing plans, descriptions and schedules for ground, flight and EMC tests.
  • Ground, flight and EMC tests on aircraft systems – conducting thorough ground, flight and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests on aircraft systems.
  • Generate electrical load analysis documentation for specific operational and aircraft build configurations – creating detailed documentation for electrical load analysis tailored to specific operational needs and aircraft configurations.
  • Produce schematics, wiring diagrams and installation drawings – crafting precise schematics, wiring diagrams and installation drawings essential for implementing electrical avionic designs effectively.
  • Provide specialist RF, EMC and WiFi support – offering specialised support in radio frequency (RF), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and WiFi aspects.
  • Special mission systems – intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability
  • Extensive experience in designing architectures for various special mission systems such as search radars, camera systems (optical and infrared), secure and satellite communications, as well as mission systems control/interface.


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