Morson Projects specialise in safeguarding communities and waterfront facilities through our advanced coastal engineering and resiliency practices.

How can we help

Morson Projects’ expertise balances crafting solutions that strike the right balance between development and environmental preservation. Our coastal engineering, permitting and resiliency practices offer comprehensive support to our client’s projects.

Navigating the intricate dynamics of sustainable development, we manage coastal flood risks, engineer solutions and undertake restoration, mitigation and waterfront redevelopment.

Our team

Pioneering solutions in the complex interplay of land and water, our coastal team focuses on shoreline protection, waterfront redevelopment, coastal green infrastructure, flood risk management and dredged material management.

Our experienced coastal engineers, permitting experts and resiliency specialists bring fresh and innovative solutions tailored to projects of every shape and size, with a deep understanding of the complexities of the land-water interface.


  • Protection: Partner with Morson Projects for coastal engineering, permitting and resiliency for robust protection solutions.
  • Sustainablity: Our solutions promote sustainable development and resilience against environmental challenges.