Morson Projects provides a complete range of nuclear engineering services from concept design to complete engineering solutions through to total project implementation.

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Morson Projects have more than 30 years’ experience within the UK’s nuclear industry, Morson Projects has developed an extensive footprint and a reputation for the delivery of resource and project management solutions.

Our team demonstrate a very strong track record in the provision of technical, engineering and management support services to the UK nuclear decommissioning sector.

Our team

Our nuclear engineering team are able to provide services that cover all aspects of the asset lifecycle; supporting life extension, defueling, outages, interventions, new build and decommissioning activities.

We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge within the industry, our access to specialised talent and our ability to support such activities as part of a Managed Service with a comprehensive management, quality and environmentally best practice solution. Morson Projects has been involved in providing a diversity of engineering tasks. These tasks vary in size/complexity and include the provision of decommissioning operatives, design & engineering service provision, technical authoring, safety substantiation, site surveys, plant modifications, commissioning and project management.

Morson Projects has over 200 project engineering and design personnel directly engaged on work for the Nuclear sector. We provide professional services to the sector specifically for engineering, design and supply packages of work, our senior engineers are very experienced in providing this service and adopting a flexible approach which allows for an immediate response to any new requirements. The vast majority of our SQEP resource, including management and directorate can boast over 3,000-man years of direct and indirect service to the nuclear industry.

The majority of Morson Projects’ 200 strong nuclear engineering design team is based in the Morson Projects head office in Darwen House, Irlam Manchester and Kelton House, Westlakes Science Park Cumbria. Morson Projects also has a local office to Dounreay in Thurso, Caithness. Our office estate has the spare capacity to accommodate and facilitate an Integrated Project Team, allows reach back into the wider 700 strong Morson Projects capability and for wider resourcing requirements has direct access to the Morson Group’s UK-wide technical skills database of 900,000 personnel.  All Morson facilities have direct IT links and meet all the necessary security standards expected when working in a highly regulated industry.

In general, Morson Projects has the ability, experience and infrastructure to identify key personnel and make an effective start within 2 weeks. Early as possible task involvement with a client will ensure the scope and requirements are fully understood, thus allowing Morson Projects to identify the appropriate skills and plan accordingly.

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If you are interested in finding out more about our nuclear engineering services and capability, please get in touch with our experts by calling 0161 707 1516 or send us an e-mail here.