Offshore client representatives are responsible for liaising between offshore operations and clients, ensuring effective communication and that project objectives are met.

How we can help

Morson Projects’ marine team works on behalf of clients, representing their interests (both technically and contractually) during a design and build project.

We make sure our client’s interests are protected during the design and build of a vessel and that all stakeholders take appropriate notice of our clients’ requirements and expectations.

Being offshore client representatives is one of the marine engineering services provided by our expert team.

Our experience and expertise

Morson Projects provides worldwide, independent and professional survey, inspection and reporting services as offshore client representatives, including:

  • Inspection and survey – conducting thorough inspections and surveys of marine structures, providing detailed reports for informed decision-making.
  • Liaison with class and governmental agencies – facilitating smooth communication between clients and regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance with industry standards and obtaining necessary approvals efficiently.
  • Owner’s representative – overseeing projects, coordinating stakeholders and guiding decisions to ensure successful outcomes within budget and schedule constraints.

Find out more

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