Concept ship designs are part of Morson Projects’ extensive experience in marine engineering and naval architecture services.

How we can help

Morson Projects works with clients to develop their initial requirements into a brief and initial concept ship design.


Our experience and expertise

When clients have concept ship designs, or an idea for a new yacht or boat but are not quite sure how to progress forward, Morson Projects’ naval architecture services team helps them develop their concept into a detailed specification of requirements. This includes sketches and preliminary 3D modelling which can then be used to enter discussions with builders and other stakeholders.

Our concept ship design’s service includes:

  • Stakeholder Database Development – ensuring effective communication and collaboration throughout the project between stakeholders with a vested interest in the concept ship designs.
  • Final Detailed Requirements Specification – outlining precisely what the concept ship designs need to achieve, covering every aspect from functionality to performance standards.
  • Initial Concept Drawings and Models – marking the beginning of the visualisation process, where rough ideas start taking shape into tangible representations of the concept ship designs.
  • Initial Feasibility – examining the practicality and viability of the concept ship designs, considering factors such as technological feasibility, resource availability and economic feasibility.
  • Initial Requirements Definition – establishing the foundational criteria and parameters for the concept ship designs, setting the stage for further development and refinement.
  • Managing the Bid Process – overseeing the procurement process for materials, services and the expertise required for the realisation of the concept ship designs.
  • Survey of the Relevant Regulatory Field – conducting a comprehensive examination of the legal and regulatory frameworks pertinent to the concept ship designs, ensuring compliance with all applicable standards and guidelines.

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