But before we look too far into the future, we took a trip back to 1983 when we caught up with two father-and-son duo’s from our Brough office, as they talked about the crucial role Apprenticeships have had in building their team over the past 40 years.

From left to right, meet Brian and Joe Moore & Jordan and Vince Knapp:

Brian (Design Manager) and Vince, (Lead Design Engineer) met in 1983 on the first day of their Apprenticeships for British Aerospace Brough which is now BAE Systems.

Since later joining Morson Projects in 2009 they have also welcomed both their sons, Jordan (Lead Aerospace Design Engineer) and Joe (Junior Design Engineer) to the team as they follow in their father’s footsteps.

Hi Brian, and Vince. Tell us… What was it like doing an apprenticeship in 1983?


I did my apprenticeship at BAE Systems, Brough (then British Aerospace). Engineering in the 1980’s was still a very male dominated environment, and BAE Systems, at the time, employed over 4000 people. Moving from an education environment to being part of such a large organisation was daunting. However, the support and friendship from my peers and colleagues, then as now, was always available.

The methods of training were very different, with no computers (or internet) and manual drawing boards. However, knowledge and experience were still passed down through the generations of engineers, as it is now, which allowed me to train and develop through the apprenticeship.


The first year was based in the onsite training centre with the other 1st year apprentices. You would spend a set amount of time in all the training centre manufacturing sections.

The 2nd year you were assigned to various manufacturing centres on the shop floor.

This gave us an amazing grounding into manufacturing and production methods within the aircraft company and also the problems they would face on a day-to-day basis.

Then 3rd and 4th year we spent a period of time in various technical departments including Aerodynamics, Structural Test, Site Facilities, Structures and Design.

Again, very valuable experience gained throughout my development. I was accepted into Aircraft Design Engineering Function and worked on Hawk, T45 & Gripen Aircraft.

Since then I have worked at some of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world including Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier is various countries.

How did an apprenticeship set you up for the successes you have had during your career?


The grounding and early experience gained though my apprenticeship was invaluable. The basic framework for all my understanding and appreciation of aircraft design and manufacture, was forged during my apprenticeship. These strong foundations allowed me build upon a passion for engineering and hone my skills as an airframe design engineer, as my career developed.

From what you have seen of Jordan and Joe’s experiences… How have things changed?


Engineering in the UK has changed massively over the last 39 years. The decline of large-scale manufacturing, especially in Hull and East Yorkshire, has altered the structure of engineering with many smaller ‘High Tech’ companies evolving.

However, the scientific design and technology sector remains very strong, and engineering is still, and in some ways more exciting profession. The diversity and inclusivity now found within engineering, make it a far more accessible option for young engineers, and the support and guidance available is extensive.

Although the methods have changed drastically, Jordan and Joe, can still tap into a wealth of knowledge within Morson Projects. The basic fundamentals of an apprenticeship remain the same; older and more experienced designers passing down knowledge and experience to the younger engineers, allowing them to grow and develop.


Although they haven’t had the same production and technical department experiences as we did, they have still gained a great foundation from the combination of academic learning at College, complemented by the hands-on experience of attending site visits. 

Joe and Jordan, what drew you to follow in your fathers’ footsteps?


I always had an interest in engineering and knew that was what I wanted my career to be in. When I finished my A-levels, and was looking at my options for universities, this opportunity became available. My Dad, who also works for the company, made me aware that Morson Projects were wanting to take on Graduate & Pre-Graduate design engineers and that they would sponsor me as I completed my degree.


I have always been interested in how things work and are designed. I always tended towards the maths, physics and engineering subjects in school. I took physics and maths at A-levels but didn’t know what I wanted to do after that. I had offers at a few different universities to study engineering and then an opportunity to Join Morson Projects as an apprentice came up just over 10 years ago now. I looked into Morson Projects and really liked the look of them. I was interviewed by the office manager at the time and got the job.

What have you found to be the benefits of choosing this route into engineering?


Instead of funding my own university degree I was able to take this position within Morson Projects and earn my degree while gain valuable experience in the industry.  It also meant that completing my degree over a longer period of time could make the workload more manageable.


I found learning on a part time bases alongside work over 4.5 years instead of the full time 3 years much more manageable. Also seeing how you can apply the learning in the workshop or classroom to my day job as an Apprentice Design Engineer then Junior Design Engineer.

What’s next for you?


In few years, I hope to have completed my degree in Engineering and to have further progressed to become a more competent and capable engineer.

I am excited about some of the new projects that Morson Projects have got coming up in the future and the fact the team is growing, hopefully taking on new Apprentices to support this.


I have been leading a team for one of our clients for just over 3 years and we have gone from strength to strength increasing the team and taking on graduates. I have also been more involved in the managing of the Hull office on a day-to-day basis. Our goal is to keep growing the office and take on more graduates to pass on our knowledge to the next generation of engineers.


Although towards the end of my career, I am still very passionate about my job and fortunately enjoy coming to work, well most days and looking forward to my next challenge.  I have recently become a Mentor within Morson Projects and look forward to helping my Mentee develop into an Engineer.


As Design manager, I enjoy to seeing our team in Hull grow and develop. We now have a group of young engineers that represent the future of the design in the Hull office. There are several exciting projects coming up and I look forward to the fresh challenges and to support the next generation through their early careers.

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