Project overview

Our team provided Structural Design & Analysis, Project & Programme Management and Systems Engineering & Integration for iterations of the A350 Rear Spar (Composite and Metallic).


Morson Projects has been responsible for the following iterations of A350 Rear spar (Composite and Metallic), including complete programme management:

  • A350-1000 B-Mat
  • A350-900 batch 3 First Flight stress dossiers
  • A350-900 Batch 3 Check Stress dossiers
  • A350-1000 First Flight Support
  • A350-1000 DFM
  • A350-1000 Checkstress

Some of the items included within the analysis activities (Static and F&DT) are as follows:

  • Composite Rear spar C-Section genericĀ  region
  • Root Joint (Composite & Metallic)
  • MLG attachments (Composite & Metallic) including: Sidestay, Pintle, Cantilever
  • Composite Splice Joints
  • Flap Track Area (Composite & Metallic)
  • Metallic Rib posts
  • Wing Tip (Composite & Metallic)
  • FQI (Composite & Metallic)
  • Fuel Pump (Composite & Metallic)

Stress Deliverables:

  • Stress Reports
  • Analysis using Excel, MathCAD, NASTRAN, PATRAN, ISAMI
  • Interface Loads Reports
  • Static Sizing Reports
  • Development of Stress tools

Detailed Finite Element Models (DFEM):

  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
  • Analysis using ISAMI
  • StressĀ  Sort tools
  • F&DT Reports
  • Composite Fatigue