Project overview

Our team worked closely with Spirit Aerosystems to carry out a wide range of support throughout the project. Our team were also responsible for the complete Fixed Leading Edge Residual Strength analysis to support the A350-1000 First Flight, including UERF, Hail Strike and MLP.


Delivering the project requirements to an agreed Statement of Work (SOW), some of the items included within the design and analysis tasks were as follows:

  • Buttstraps
  • Closing Rib
  • De-Ice Region
  • Fixed System Brackets
  • Flap Track Ribs
  • FTI Provision
  • Hold Down Ribs
  • Intermediate Ribs
  • J-Nose composite Panels
  • Lower Removable Composite Panels
  • Spreader Plates
  • System Raceway

A350-1000 C-Mat/DFM:

  • Close to 900 deliverables across stress and design

A350-1000 Residual Strength:

  • Morson Projects developed automated tools, which allowed to do phase 1 of the analysis (Exceedance Checks) in half of the time of initial forecast with the typical tools.

Design Deliverables:

  • Detailed Design using CATIA V5, R23 (CATIA format applicable to the A350 programme)
  • DFM Drawings
  • Frontier and Interface Drawings, PKCs ect
  • Full Utilization of PDMLink
  • Mass Reporting (BOM)

Stress Deliverables:

  • Analysis using Excel, MathCAD, NASTRAN, PATRAN, ISAMI
  • Detailed Finite Element Models (DFEM)
  • Exceedance check reports (Residual Strength)
  • FLE IFEM models for MLP, UERF and HailStrike (Residual Strength)
  • Interface Loads Reports
  • Static Sizing Reports
  • Stress Reports (C-Scheme & DFM)

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance:

  • Analysis using ISAMI
  • Stress Sort Tools
  • F&DT Reports