Having been exposed to Morson through our support and sponsorship of the Salford Racing team, we were delighted when Hussain asked us if he could visit our offices to get a feel for what it’s like working in industry ‘for real’.

Hussain shared on his social media about his work experience:

“With heartfelt gratitude and growth! I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to Morson Projects for the incredible opportunity to complete my placement within the company. It has been an enriching and transformative experience.

“During my time at Morson Projects, I had the privilege of working alongside some of the most talented and dedicated professionals in the industry. I’ve learned valuable skills, gained insights into the inner workings of a dynamic organization, and had the chance to contribute to meaningful projects. Including first-hand experience how to create websites, look into Panarama Software, Auto CAD, C-shape, Patran and many other pieces of great software that I got to experience and create small projects on and learn from.

“I am deeply grateful for the support and mentorship I received from my colleagues and supervisors. To be specific Andy Hassall, Simon Plimbley, Jon Callahan, Chris Summers and many other great people there. Your guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in my professional development within engineering over this short period of time.

“This placement has not only provided me with valuable hands-on experience but has also reinforced my passion for Aeronautical Engineering. I am excited to carry forward the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired here into the next phase of this journey.

“Thank you, Morson Projects and Morson Group, for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. I am truly honoured to have been a part of your team, and I look forward to staying connected with this wonderful team and hope to be back one day!”

Andy Hassall, Associate Director, commented on Hussain’s time at Morson Projects:

“Hussain epitomises passion and versatility in the world of work. His recent week-long placement experience at Morson Projects displayed his outstanding ability to seamlessly adapt and across diverse sectors, he spent time with IT, Power, Aerospace, and the Control Systems teams.

“With a remarkable work ethic and a hunger for knowledge, Hussain truly embodies the drive necessary for success in any industry and we wish him all the best with the rest of his studies.”

Find out more about Hussain’s unique journey into engineering below:

Full article: https://morson-group.com/2023/08/15/hussain-zadran-salford-stem/