Nici Robinson, Charlie’s Mummy has begun the journey by foot, and will be walking the coast-to-coast route, which starts today (23rd May) and will continue over the next four days.

Meanwhile, John, Charlie’s Daddy and 42 other riders will be taking on the coast-to-coast route by bicycle on the final day, catching up with the walkers as they cover 148 miles and climb 13,000 feet, all in Charlie’s memory.

The two journey’s will culminate in a race to the finish line in Whitby.

The race has officially begun and the question on everyone’s mind is…

“Will the hikers or the bikers reach the finish line first”?

The funds raised from this challenge will go to the Thumbs Up for Charlie Foundation, which was set up by John and Nici in loving memory of their son Charlie.

The charity offers respite breaks for families whose child has been diagnosed with a brain tumour or who have lost a child due to a childhood brain tumour. The charity has already sent 24 families on respite breaks, providing them with an opportunity to create precious memories and remember their loved ones.

Brain tumours are one of the most common forms of childhood cancer, and they have a devastating impact on both the child and their family. In partnership with Alderhey Children’s Hospital, the money will also contribute towards future research into paediatric ependymoma brain tumours.

The Coast-to-Coast walk is one of the most iconic long-distance walks in the UK, spanning 148 miles from St. Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire. The route will take the group across the rugged terrain of the Lake District, through the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, and over the North York Moors.

It’s a challenge that attracts people from all over the world, but this Coast-to-Coast has an added twist: a race to the finish line in Whitby.

The Coast to Coast is a gruelling test of endurance, but the added element of the race to Whitby has brought a new level of excitement to this year’s fundraising event. More importantly, the challenge is raising awareness and funds for an important cause. Whether it’s the hikers or the bikers who cross the finish line first, everyone involved in the challenge is a winner in the fight against childhood brain tumours.

Morson Group and Morson Projects are proud once again to be supporting Nici and John on this year’s challenge, having sponsored Nici’s kit.

If anyone would like to sponsor the group on their ‘Race to Whitby 2023’, please click here to donate.