IGNITION, which is part of the Morson Group STEM Foundation, allows secondary school students to enhance their STEM learning beyond the classroom and get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology, such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

Through team-based activities the students’ gain an understanding of the possibilities that STEM careers can offer.

Dr Maria Stukoff, Director of the Maker Space said:

“It’s amazing to have such inspiring skill events happening in our own university Maker Space. Thanks to the Morson Group’s STEM Foundation, year on year we can provide industry experience to students who are thinking of going into engineering at university and beyond. IGNITION is a testament to our efforts to how we enable students to launch into STEM careers.”

The latest cohort of Y12 students became a race team, working together with Salford Racing in the Morson Maker Space to design, construct, and race their own remote-controlled cars.

They were also given the opportunity to hear from industry experts from Morson Projects, Chris Summers and Jon Callahan.

Head of Engineering Delivery and Morson Projects STEM Ambassador, Chris Summers shared:

“The IGNITION Summer School is a fantastic way of getting young people involved in engineering. 72% of parents and 42% of teachers not able to communicate to children what engineering careers are, so often as a profession we face an uphill battle to communicate what we do and generate enthusiasm around engineering careers.

“Motorsport however, is a very high profile profession where engineering is front and centre. Using the excitement of the sport to develop a connection with maths and physics is a great way to foster interest in engineering. As Motorsport fans, Jon and I understand that excitement, and have been able to use this as a platform to discuss routes into engineering careers for the students, whilst exploring the crossovers with our careers in aerospace.”

Head of Engineering Delivery and Morson Projects STEM Lead, Jon Callahan added:

“It was fantastic to be welcomed back to the IGNITION Summer School following their nomination at the Engineering Talent Awards 2023!

“IGNITION brings together such a diverse young group of students and really gave them an insight into the world of engineering and university Life. Following the Morson Projects Inspirational Talk it was a pleasure to engage with so many students and discuss the many routes into an exciting career in engineering.”

In previous years, students have been inspired by IGNITION to continue their educational journey and further develop their STEM skills. We hope this year’s programme has been just as influential. IGNITION is just one of the ways our business encourages local young talent to join the STEM revolution.

The school ran for 3 days in July and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all students who attended.

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