The programme, which is powered by our Morson Group STEM Foundation, is a mentoring initiative to cater for female students in their last year of study in engineering subjects within the School of Science, Engineering and Environment (SSEE) at the University of Salford.

The programme will run from February 2024 to May 2024 and aims to connect the University’s final year female students with industry professionals during mentoring sessions, to:

  • Gain greater insights of the industries of their chosen subjects
  • Obtain greater knowledge about their career prospects and have focus on the future
  • Acquire broader skills for personal and/or career development
  • Build understanding for communication and a range of interpersonal skills
  • Discover good practices how to prepare for future interviews

We hear from this year’s mentors about why they chose to support the programme:

“The unknown of leaving university and starting work can be really daunting for some – I know it was for me! I would have benefitted greatly from having a mentor from industry when I was about to leave university and start in the workplace. To be able to ask questions and receive honest answers from someone who had been through all of the things I was about to face would have made that transition a lot more exciting and a lot less daunting.

“I have been a mentor with Go Beyond for 4 years and through that time I have met some inspirational young women who have gone on to start exciting careers in STEM subjects, which is hugely satisfying for me. I love being a mentor, both at work and for Go Beyond, and I’m really looking forward to mentoring another student this year.”

“Helping to inspire young people and in particular young women to pursue careers in STEM based disciplines is so important for the future of our industry.

“I’ve seen first hand the life-changing impact that mentoring ​​​​can have and I’m really excited to be a part of this programme for a second year. I look forward to being able to share some of my knowledge and experiences with women starting out in the industry, helping them to enter the workplace with the right skills and confidence to pursue their passions.”

Image: Hannah presenting to our engineering team at Morson Projects annual Summer Conference

“I have been a mentor in previous roles for nearly 20 years and for 2 years in my current role. It is wonderful knowing that you are able to make a difference, supporting and empowering somebody on their own personal journey.

“Lucky enough to benefit from mentors myself in the past, it was a great support knowing that I had somebody to turn to, to ask for advice and help and know that I would get honest, constructive feedback to work with.

“For the mentee it is an opportunity for them to develop their self-confidence and identify gaps in skills and knowledge, having access to role models and being able to enhance their personal development. From a personal point of view it is rewarding and fulfilling to see the mentee listening, working with feedback and developing themselves, its gives me a sense of achievement watching them progress and I’m looking forward to mentoring again this year.”

Image: Nicola working with a group of other mentors and mentees at our recent Early Careers Development Conference

Dr. Maria Stukoff, who is Maker Space Director within the School of Science, Engineering and Environment at the University of Salford, shared:

“The overarching goal of ‘Go Beyond’ is to empower our female students to envision their futures and acquire broader skills for personal and career development. Through the guidance and influence of our mentors, students will be supported to clarify career objectives and gain valuable insights into navigating the industry with confidence. Our focus lies in fostering the professional development of mentees, instilling them with the confidence and readiness to extend beyond university and secure positions within the industry.

“Over the past three years, we’ve been privileged to welcome an outstanding number of industry mentors who have generously contributed their time and expertise to inspire and upskill more women for engineering roles. One notable success story is that of Chloe Hughes, a student who secured a full-time position at Morson Projects following mentorship from Lead Design Engineer Maria Williamson.

“This achievement underscores the strength of our partnership with the Morson Group and highlights our joint commitment to nurturing talent pipelines and forging employment pathways for the next generation of women in engineering. We are grateful for their ongoing support and look forward to another year of collaboration.”