Achilles UVDB ‘Verify’ is an independent audit of an organisation’s Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ) management systems and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We caught up with Executive Director, Chris Burke as he explains more:

“Due to the nature of our business, Morson Projects is categorised as requiring a B2 Achilled UVDB assessment which is a two day audit for high risk large suppliers providing works or services into the utilities sector. The audit is split into two parts; a one day Management Systems Evaluation and a one day Site-based Assessment.

“Following our most recent audit at Head Office and one of our sites in Manchester, we are extremely proud to share that we received the maximum score of 100% across the board for Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality & CSR, for both parts of the audit.

“As our business continues to grow exponentially, having our Business Management Systems compliant to the right standards continues to be of extreme importance to us.

“These standards have been ‘business as usual’ for our organisation for many years now. However, the renewed certificates continue to give confidence to our clients and prospective clients that Morson Projects have identified and properly addressed these standards, put into place actions to minimise risks to the business and show our commitment to continual improvement, whilst also supporting the construction of processes to check for compliance within the organisation.

“Well done to all of the team, particularly our Compliance team for maintaining such high standards during a challenging time (the pandemic) which saw many changes in the way we operated.”

Our Senior Compliance Office, Michelle Carroll, added:

“During this years’ office visit the documents that form our Management System were reviewed and assessed. For the site visit, the auditor initially carries out a tour of the work on-site, including viewing the equipment, materials and welfare facilities. Following this, the operatives on site were interviewed and additional records that relate to the on-site activities and environmental considerations were viewed.

“The audit report, once approved, is published online for authorised Achilles UVDB buyers to view. This enables our clients to mitigate risk in their supply chains and make more knowledgeable decisions about the organisations they work with.”

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