We caught up with our specialist control systems integration team within our Ematics division, to find out more about Codra, and what benefits our partnership creates for our clients. 

Who are Codra?

Codra is the software manufacturer of the Panorama Suite Platform, specialising in industrial information technology: Front-end communication, SCADA, Data Historian & Reporting tools.

As an International IT Engineering Services provider, the company has forged its know-how from experience in services demanding very specific skills in highly technical sectors, such as embedded and real-time systems, critical applications, scientific computing, test systems and other complex automation and instrumentation and control projects.

What does being a partner mean?

Morson Projects and our Ematics division are a Codra Certified Integration Partner for Panorama E2, Panorama Suite, and the legacy Panorama P2.

As a trusted integration partner, Morson Projects are able to take advantage of Codra’s expert engineering support team in the development and integration of the Panorama software for major UK infrastructure projects. This direct collaboration with Codra maximises development efficiency and helps reduce fault snagging at testing stage.

Our team have worked on numerous major control system developments using Panorama software including tunnel upgrades for Merseytravel, Power Station upgrades for Drax and work on the UK rail infrastructure’s traction power networks.

How do the services of the two businesses integrate?

Codra provide the necessary software platform and tools for us to carry out critical control system development and integration works for our clients.

For our projects, our software development team is supported by the Codra team. We define the software and infrastructure architecture for the project and have the design validated by Codra to ensure best practice is being followed. This ensures that we are compliant with the Panorama product roadmap, allowing for seamless upgrades to future versions of Panorama, which saves our clients in the long term. On project completion, Codra will audit our software to provide independent validation.

Codra support us with technical expertise, providing patches to the Panorama software if we encounter any bugs during development or upgrade cycles.

What benefit does this create for clients?

Our excellent collaborative relationship with Codra helps us to provide support to clients throughout the whole project lifecycle. From early contractor involvement and tender support, through development support and input, and finally system maintenance and updates.

Our existing team have been delivering projects together for many years and have vast amounts of experience developing and supporting Panorama systems for major UK infrastructure.

Two key projects recently completed are the APMS Replacement at Drax Power Station and the Unified SCADA Upgrades for Mersey Travel, which we hope to share more information on soon.

What’s next?

Over the coming months and years, we look forward to continuing to work with Drax, Mersey Travel, and other clients on UK infrastructure projects using Panorama as one of our platforms of choice.

Several innovations have already been made available by Codra, such as IEC61850 for the electricity market and BIM operations. Others will follow at the end of the year with the arrival of Panorama Suite 2022, Web Client, the EdgeToCloud approach and many more.

Paul Ward, who heads up Morson Projects’ Ematics division added:

“Our relationship with Codra has evolved significantly over the past 7 years and we are proud to be one of their approved systems integrators. Our collaborative approach to projects means we are able to deliver successful, efficient solutions to our clients, whilst continually improving the software we use. We look forward to continuing to work with Codra on exciting projects over the coming months and years.”

James Burgess, Sales Manager at Codra commented:

“We are pleased to have Morson Projects on-board as one of our approved systems integrators. Their team brings a unique mix of technical expertise and experience to the table and we look forward to continuing to evolve our relationship over the coming years as we deliver successful projects together for our clients.”

To find out more about how our Ematics team could support your next project, please get in touch with Paul and the team by calling 0161 707 1516.