The unique support and clear pathways of our Early Careers Development Programme enable our early careers employees to bolster their knowledge, giving them a chance to learn first-hand from our in-house experts.  

Boni always feels confident and valued with an “open-door policy at Morson Projects, the managers are always welcoming, especially when you go to a new team or when starting a new role.”  

We caught up with Boni to hear more about his Early Careers Development Programme journey so far: 

Some of Boni’s interview answers are summarised below: 

Hi Boni! What has your education journey been like so far?  

I did my Foundation year at Teeside University, I did a foundation year because I didn’t have the right A-levels to go to university. Then, after my foundation year I went to the University of Salford and moved back to Manchester and commuted.  

I did my degree in Mechanical Engineering, after that I applied to lots of different jobs over summer but didn’t have any luck. After that I decided to do a Master’s and then I started to apply for jobs and suddenly came across Morson Projects.  

What process did you take? 

I took my interview and later got offered a role in the Type 26 project, headed by my manager Ben and Maria.  

After that it has been a bit of a rollercoaster, I have been with Morson Projects for 2 years now and I’m learning new project management techniques and engineering techniques because it was a fixed price contract, I managed to learn quite a lot about project management techniques etc.  

What is it like to work for Morson Projects?  

I feel like there’s an open-door policy at Morson Projects, the managers are always welcoming, especially when you go to a new team or when starting a new role.

The managers are very proactive, for example I have started a new PMQ qualification because my manager is pushing me to achieve that over the next two years.

I have recommended Morson Projects to many people, my mates and fellow graduates who have since joined the company and have really enjoyed the projects that they are working on in their current roles.

The company is always growing into vast areas of engineering and the projects speaks for themselves, in defense, aerospace, rail and medical.

Any top tips for students?  

I feel like students should work hard and put aside a significant portion of their time on lectures and courses which will really help you during the interviews. Companies look for confident and articulate individuals and you only get a short amount of time to express this during an interview. 

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