Hi both, can tell us a little bit more about you and your role?


My main responsibility as a Design Engineer is leading engineering teams to deliver the design of new products for clients, as well as modifications for existing ones. These products vary from military aircraft, passenger aircraft, rotorcraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

My day-to-day tasks include using 3D software to model aircraft components, such as primary structure, wing components, exterior panels, systems and interiors. My team liaises with other departments such as stress and the client to ensure the part meets its intended use.

Something I’m really passionate about is being involved in the training of new and existing staff, this has recently seen me working with engineers from across the business to develop our in-house Graduate Development Programme and also present new ideas to the Operations Board about how we train and communicate across our teams in the future.


I am a Chartered Engineer currently working on the ADCoSCA programme as a Lead Engineer focussing on certification. 

I am also the Internal Systems Monitoring Auditor for the Design Organisation Approval (DOA) which means that I audit the processes and procedures which the team in the DOA follows, as well as ensuring the DOA projects are adhering to the appropriate procedures to make sure that the work we carry out is in line with relevant regulations.

One thing that really motivates me is seeing young people becoming inspired by engineering, which is why I wanted to be involved in the Early Careers Programme. Alongside a team of experienced engineers we have developed the Early Careers Programme to guide junior engineers through the start of their careers. I have been a mentor for many years and it is one of the parts of my job that I find very rewarding. 

How did you get into a role in engineering?


My Dad was my main inspiration to pursue a career in engineering, he was an engineer in the aerospace sector and would often take me to work with him where I would use the drawing boards, I guess it sparked an interest within me which I later pursued.

I carried out my work experience at Morson Projects when I was at school and then joined the team 13 years ago as Project Manager before re-training on-the-job to be a Design Engineer.


I’ve always had a love for aircraft and aviation and used to visit Duxford Imperial War Museum often with my Dad when I was young and loved seeing the different aircraft.

I started my private pilot’s licence when I was 16 and flew solo in an Cessna 145 before I had even driven a car. I wanted to be a pilot in the RAF when I left school but I was too short, so I wasn’t really sure what else I wanted to do but my A-level physics teacher suggested aerospace engineering. I undertook a degree in Aerospace Engineering and have never looked back – I love the challenges of being an engineer, the fast pace and that I am constantly learning.

What is your favourite part about your job?


Every day is different, but for me the favourite part of my job is identifying problems and creating solutions fixing them! As I mentioned, investing in people and continual staff development is also really important to me, and something I am keen to drive within the business. I have travelled for training all over the UK, as well as to Belfast and Canada.


There are so many things I enjoy about my job, it’s hard to narrow it down to a favourite, but I’d say there is a huge amount of pride and satisfaction when you see a part that you have designed flying on an aircraft. I have been involved in major and minor modifications as well as repair work throughout my career and I have seen many of my designs flying on aircraft, but I’ll always remember my very first repair and the feeling I got when I stood in my office overlooking the runway and watched the aircraft taking off and flying for the first time with the repair that I had designed and stressed.

What projects have you been involved with recently that you can share with us?


I recently returned from maternity leave to re-join one of our aerospace teams where we are delivering the design and stress engineering for a crucial aerospace defence project in the UK.

Alongside this, I am also working on a variety of projects, predominantly aerospace at the moment but I also recently had the opportunity to work onsite at a manufacturing firm which engineered production lines and a waste to energy plan. Everyday can be a new challenge!


For the last two years I worked on a key UK defence project with an amazing team of engineers, there were a lot of challenges on the project which is really what I think engineering is all about – overcoming problems and finding solutions.

The project I am currently working on is a research and development programme called ADCoSCA which is a project looking at the ‘art of the possible’ within aerospace, challenging current design and certification philosophies.

What advice would you give to young women looking to pursue a career in engineering?


Don’t let anything stand in your way when pursuing a career.

There is more support out there than ever before for young people and women to help access a career in engineering and similar fields. If you are passionate about a career in engineering, be proactive, seek out the programmes to help you develop and gain as much experience as you can.


One thing that I think is important for women wanting to pursue a career in engineering is to find a good mentor who can support and encourage you. But, my main piece of advice would be to be yourself – your ideas, opinions and views are as valid as anybody else’s. Diversity within any industry is so important because with diversity comes a much greater breadth of knowledge and understanding. Lastly, just go for it because you won’t regret a career in engineering.

What’s next for you and the team?


In addition to everything we have discussed, we are currently working on a high-profile aircraft for which, we aim to deliver a leading-edge innovative product and get it into production.

As engineers we can adapt to new demands, our skills are transferable to allow us to work in other industries so hopefully the future see’s us utilising our expertise on a broad range of exciting projects.

To find out more about our Early Careers Development Programme click here, or for more information about our Aerospace Capability click here.