As part of Morson Projects STEM Ambassador Programme, STEM Ambassadors Vince Knapp (Lead Aerospace Engineer) and Hannah Lee (Apprentice Design Engineer) visited Willerby Carr Lane Primary School, near our Hull office to work with a group of Year 6 students and open their eyes to the world of ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

We caught up with, Vince to find out more about how the session went:

“Firstly, we started the session by introducing ourselves and gave a brief summary of what we do in our day to day lives as Design Engineers at Morson Projects.

“We then delivered the ‘Bridge Bonanza’ practical experiment, for which the children worked in groups to design, build and test a bridge.

“For the exercise, the students where split into groups of 6 or 7 and using the materials provided by IMechE, Institute of Mechanical Engineers (lolly sticks, clips, pegs, blue tack & rubber bands) set about the task with great excitement!”

“Hannah and I were on-hand to help the children throughout the activity and the groups produced some great ideas, with some more successful than others. They all had great fun when Hannah and I tested each bridge structure too!

“It was a really enjoyable afternoon for us all, a big thank you to Science Teacher, Matthew Robinson, for his help. A great day which will hopefully inspire some of the students to consider becoming Engineers in the future!”

Our STEM Ambassador Lead, Jon Callahan, shared:

“Getting children involved in STEM subjects from an early age is crucial in supporting the growth of the young talent required in the future – the next generation of doctors, engineers, teachers and scientists are being nurtured as we speak.

“Problem solving, trial and error along with critical thinking skills do not have to be dull – young children can get excited about learning and enjoy it even more if it is disguised within a fun and engaging activity, which is what we hope to be able to bring to the classroom alongside an insight into the real-world, hands-on application of STEM subjects!”

Our STEM Ambassadors have been registered through STEM Learning, carrying out their induction and checks in addition to our own in-house training. Find out more >