About Morson


As part of our commitment to transparency and equal opportunities, Morson Projects have published our gender pay gap report.Our gender pay gap report provides detailed insights into the representation and compensation of women within our organisation. It includes calculations and analysis of the data, enabling us to identify areas where we can further promote equality and diversity. We are dedicated to addressing any disparities and ensuring that all employees, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities to progress and succeed.

Women in Industry


We are proud to champion women in the industry and strive to inspire the next generation of female engineers. At Morson Projects, we firmly believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity. We recognise the immense talent and potential that women bring to the engineering field, which is why we actively provide a range of opportunities for women to thrive and succeed within our organisation.

Training & Development

Early Careers

We offer comprehensive training and development programmes tailored to early careers engineers, graduates, apprentices, and industrial placements. Our aim is to jump-start their learning and provide them with the necessary skills to excel in their chosen field. We provide mentorship, guidance, and a supportive environment to nurture their growth and help them achieve their professional goals.

Inspiring others

Engage & Connect

In addition to our internal programmes, we also organise events and initiatives to engage and inspire women in engineering. We are proud to celebrate the success of our early careers development programme with an annual conference designed to engage, inspire, and connect future talent. This conference serves as a platform to showcase the achievements of our female engineers and provide networking opportunities for aspiring professionals.


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