Some of our STEM Ambassadors visited the school to deliver a range of talks and hands-on activities to 360 students aged 7 to 11 (Years 3 – 6), hoping to inspire and educate the students about the world of engineering.

Representing Morson Projects on the day was (left to right):

  • Ross Wyatt, Early Careers Engineer
  • Olivia Rhodes, Early Careers Engineer
  • Anna Davanzo, Engineering Manager
  • Jon Callahan, Head of Engineering Delivery
  • Laurie Carroll, Principal Stress Engineer

Our STEM Ambassadors conducted talks and activities for six different classes during the event, which received positive feedback from teachers, students, and parents alike. Including activities such as:

  • Bridge Building and Testing: The Year 3 classes had the opportunity to engage in bridge building and testing activities. Through this exercise, the students gained insight into different shapes that create strong structures and the reasons behind their strength.
  • Catapult Building and Testing: For the Year 5 classes, Morson Projects organised catapult building and testing activities. This hands-on exercise allowed the students to explore concepts related to elastic potential energy and kinetic energy.

Morson Projects’ involvement in this event was made more special by the personal link between the company and the school. Neil Tatham, the Computing Lead at Seymour Park, is a good friend of Laurie Carroll, Morson Projects’ Principal Stress Engineer.

Laurie shared his thoughts on the event:

“The children were really engaged from the moment we entered each classroom! They had some really good questions as we talked to them about what we do in our jobs and how everything around them is engineered.

“I was asked if we could do anything to support a STEM day at fairly short notice, but with the STEM Toolkit boxes that we have available at most Morson offices, we were able to quickly plan a whole day of talks and activities and engage with around 360 children who were excited to hear about what engineers do and to take part in some hands-on engineering themselves!”

Olivia Rhodes, one of our Early Careers Engineers also shared:

“It was a really rewarding day spent with the students, hopefully further sparking their interest in STEM subjects. There was a lot of excitement surrounding everything we covered, and we could already tell that many of the students would make great engineers in the future!”

Through their talks and hands-on activities, the Morson Projects team hope to have sparked curiosity and inspired the students. This event is just one example of Morson Projects’ commitment to nurturing future engineers and promoting the field of STEM education.

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