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Case Study: Bombardier

Materials Allowables Development

Morson Projects were appointed by Bombardier to provide design support for the CS100 Wing to Body Fairing (WTBF).

Project overview

Morson Projects were appointed by Bombardier to provide design support for the CS100 Wing to Body Fairing (WTBF).


Our team supported Bombardier with the design phase of the CS100 Wing to Body Fairing (WTBF).

Morson Projects were tasked with developing material stiffnesses and design allowables for the laminates based on laminate single ply strength allowables and previously certified materials for the WTBF design space.

Failure Modes:

  • Lamina stiffness data
  • Lamina strength data (accounting for damage, to be used with the Tsai-Hill/Max stress criterion)
  • Inter-laminar shear strength
  • Open Hole tension and compression strength
  • Joints (Bearing and Pull Through strength)
  • Coupon Testing to cover Design Space

Bombardier CS100 Wing to Body Fairing (WTBF) Methods Development:

  • The design was still not fully defined and fluid. The requirement of tools to analyse large amounts of data that can be quickly modified for updated geometry and loads.
  • Tools were developed with Excel using VBA to speed up process, automation and to reduce human error in analysis producing a right first time approach.

Tools were developed from industry renowned methods for:

  • Lamina Strength (including damage)
  • Laminate Stability
  • Joint Strength (Bearing and Pull Through)
  • Sandwich Strength (Core Strength, Wrinkling, etc.)
  • Ramp Strength
  • Joggle Strength

Ramp Analysis:

  • The results from the test were as follows:

The Tool Development for analysis was as follows:

A350-1000 Rear Spar Corners:
  • Some methods required detailed FEM representation to allow for accurate analysis.
  • Rear Spar corner unfolding requires detailed corner modelling to track loads from the Spar web to the caps.
  • Morson Projects involved in developing a level of detail within the FEMs in order to allow for an accurate analysis during B-Maturity.
CS-100 Coupon Testing:
  • Define testing methods required to validate calculated stiffness and design allowables for laminate.
  • Ensure the whole design space of the WTBF is covered
  • Define environmental conditions.

C-Series Wing Sub-Component Testing:

  • Development of Tension, Compression and Shear Panel tests.
  • Design of test panels
  • Hand Calculations to predict stresses
  • FEM representation of panel tests

C-Series Wing Sub-Component Testing:

  • Catia representation of test panel for tension
  • FEM representation of panel under loading

CS-100 WTBF Wheel Bins:

  • Ply failure analysis due to tyre puncture plumes

Our Services

Delivering the project requirements to an agreed Statement of Work (SOW), the Morson Projects team carried out services to include:

  • EASA Part 21J Design Services
  • Tooling Design & Manufacture
  • Structural Design & Analysis
  • Systems Engineering & Integration

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