Project overview

Morson Projects were appointed by Transport for London to support them with their Heavy Overhaul Programme Lift (HOPL).


The first combined 92TS HOPL was performed in 2004-05 however, to reduce costs, the full scope was not delivered and consequently the fleet had suffered from ongoing availability and reliability issues.  The 92TS Train Maintenance Regime (TMR) has since been reviewed and optimised and the frequency of the programme lift and heavy overhaul have been set at 6 and 12 years respectively.  Both of these maintenance activities were conducted over a 2 year period, which commenced in June 2015.

The scope of HOPL was increased to include the maintenance tasks omitted from the previous HOPL and to ensure the performance of the fleet could be sustained until it is replaced by the New Tube for London (NTfL) upgrade programme in 2028-32.  In addition, the 92TS fleet had reached its nominal ‘half-life’ and components with a 20 year service life, such as the brake reservoirs and control panel electronics, were expired and needed to be replaced.  It worked out to be cost effective to undertake this additional work in parallel with the HOPL.

The scope of 92TS HOPL had been increased further by the COO Principal Engineers who have identified a number of ‘safety critical’ or ‘business critical’ modifications that would be most efficiently embodied whilst the train was in a disassembled state.  These modifications included: cab monitors, loudspeakers, passenger emergency alarms, destination displays and coupler-carrier brackets.

This project was accountable for the delivery of heavy maintenance of all 85 Central Line Trains and 5 Waterloo and City Trains. It also recognised the need for trains that are overhauled to be handed back in good time to be available to meet service requirements.

Morson Projects undertook the project and engineering management of the HOPL programme by providing a suitably qualified and experienced team.

Morson Projects undertook the following:

  • Project Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Quality & Project Engineering

Details of the specific tasks included:

  • Project Management
  • Representing the HOPL Project team based at Ruislip depot and management of the day to day delivery to schedule while respecting all Quality, Cost and Delivery requirements
  • Service Delivery management
  • Overseeing and agreeing the delivery of services to the client or customers
  • Establishing policies designed to ensure consistently high service performance, monitors employees and evaluates customer feedback to develop continuous improvement processes
  • Commercial Management
  • Overseeing all commercial activities of HOPL from start through to completion ensuring that work is completed on time and within its budget
  • Quality & Project Engineering
  • Essential in the successful delivery of overhauled units on a weekly basis. The Quality and Project Engineering team works closely with the production team and provides accepted engineering resolutions to any issues that may arise
  • This included raising proposed remedial works to the specific Principal engineer for minor works authorisation, liaising with AOS engineering to raise ‘changes to rolling stock’ if stock was obsolete or not fit for purpose and raising ‘technical queries’ for any discrepancies with the scope of work

Our Services

Delivering the project requirements to an agreed Statement of Work (SOW), the Morson Projects team carried out services to include:

  • Project & Programme Management